Thursday, 20 December 2012


The Place for Creative Professionals

Artists collect near Main. This is their thinking: 

“This place has funky restaurants, our home base afterhours, that skinny bar with the deer heads on the walls, and the revolutionary joint? They’re all steps away. Things happen at noon. Things happen at three in the morning. ‘Don’t miss your Skytrain!’ is what everybody says. Not us. No how."

On Main, everyone’s welcome that does something, anything, somewhat, expressive. Got a record collection? A camera? Do you paint? The light is great. The vibe is good. The people are chill. Evan Livingston loves talent. You want to stay here? You're welcome.

EVAN Living On Your Terms

Evan could be just your place to spend an afternoon painting your toenails different colours in the bathtub, hanging your fork and spoon collection all over your walls, or raising sea monkeys without abandon.

A place for creative minds takes all types. 

There are those who think nothing but lifting weights and painting plants. 

The sculptor slash thinker.

Then there’s the recluse from the neighbours. He works at a law firm, wears a suite and tie, only to surprise you all after having his screenplay made into an HBO special. That's they type you'll find here.

EVAN could inspire magic. It's where creativity and Vancouver collide. It's a place to mix and mingle among others who share the same wild artistic ambitions.

Do you feel at home with creative professionals: Architects, Advertising Creatives, Renowned Artists, Designers, Home Stagers, Writers, Actors and Film & Television folk?

Then you'll feel at home at Evan.

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