Wednesday, 12 December 2012

No SkyTrain Curfew

Main is close to everything: great bars, the B-line, record stores, vegan haunts, and pop-up artistic collectives. If you work downtown, no problem, it’s easy to get home. Want a night out? There are great bars and restaurants and afterhours clubs all around you. If you want to go dancing or check out a show downtown, there's no need to watch the clock. If you miss the Skytrain, who cares? Welcome to life in the pulse.

Homes at EVAN start at $325,900 The price is perfectly set to welcome busy professionals who can’t be bothered with an excessive commute. There are way better things to do than stand cramped on a bus, or breathing fumes on the freeway. Time is best spent doing the things you enjoy. And let’s face it, Main is fun. It’s hip, whimsical, and most importantly close. It’s your nearby, happening, place to be.

EVAN would like you to meet some of your kind.
Be yourself.
Live on your own terms.
You’ll have fun here.
No need for a car.

1908 Scotia Street Is one block from 2nd and Main.
 Click here for a map.

Nine-foot giant-friendly ceilings.
A Common Artist Space to meet likeminded souls.
Efficient layouts designed for maximum natural light, if photography is your thing, or sculpting subjects, or a mint herb garden - that too.

CONTACT or 604.872.0331

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