Friday, 9 November 2012

Affordable Living!

And who said that there is no affordable housing in cool places in Vancouver?

Evan Living offers modern, artistic apartments starting from $264,000. In fact 90 percent of its suites are being sold at less than $325,900. That is fantastic value for one of the most sought-after areas of Vancouver, South Main.

Main is famous for its diversity of restaurants, from pho, to sushi, to Thai and even Jamaican. It has revolutionary vegan haunts, burrito stands, and The Whip has great music, burgers and ambiance.

It is also known for its cafe culture. There are cafes narrow enough for only one or two people, surrounded in a sea of glass windows. Some have fireplaces. Some have blue-haired baristas.

Then there are the indie clothing stores. The thrift shops. And antique stores everywhere to add something unique to your apartment.

The nightlife of Main street is fantastic as well. Cool new hipster spots like the Revel Room, the Cascade Room, and Habit make for a trendy date or night with friends. And then there's the artistic Narrow Bar one block from Evan, which certainly lives up to its name.

And not to mention the patios. Once the sun comes out in the spring, all of East Main is alive with sunny revelers enjoying chilled libations in the sunshine.

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