Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vegan Restaurants Near Evan

One of the best things about Main Street is its restaurants 

Main has something to cater to every appetite and lifestyle. In subsequent posts we'll talk about all of the great pho places (there are four on Broadway alone), Chinese food restaurants, sushi joints (Sushi Yama on Broadway is fantastic), and even Singaporean, Indian and Jamaican - all within walking distance of Evan.

But for now, let's talk about one thing that really makes SoMa unique. Its vegan restaurants. Even if you are not a vegan yourself, it's fun to try something different. And if you are vegan, you won't need to worry about haunting the same place every night. There are plenty of delicious options.

One Block Away

Kranky Kafe - is actually more vegetarian, but they have many vegan and gluten-free options, and they are like, one block away.

Two Blocks From Evan

Cafe Nuba - Offers authentic vegan Lebanese cuisine. They are on 146 E. 3rd Ave.

Three Blocks From Evan

Organic Lives - This amazingly healthy restaurant even takes vegan a step further, offering a raw food menu.

Four Blocks From Evan

The Foundation on 2301 Main Street is mere steps from Evan. Licenced and open until 1 am, it is a great meeting place for likeminded folks that prefer the same watering holes.

Budgie Burritos on 44 Kingsway offers delicious vegan burritos. The vibe is cool. And the staff are tapped into the scene.

The Wallflower on 2420 Main Street is a funky place that will take you back to 1969. The music is great, the walls are cool, and the menu is split between vegan and otherwise.

Five Blocks From Evan

Then we get into a few Indian restaurants that have vegan dishes such as Nirvana and the Chutney Villa as well as the Rhizome Cafe a few steps further.

Also, if you want to jump on your bike and go a little farther than a measly five blocks, there are literally dozens of vegan options for you along Main Street and down Broadway.

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