Thursday, 29 November 2012

Why Rent?

Did you know there are many advantages to being a first-time new home buyer?

There are government grants that can award you up to $10,000.

If you, as a couple, make less than $175,000 per year, you could win the whole shebang.

Just a few criteria. 1. This must be your first home. 2. The home must be new, or at least 90% renovated. (Ahem, Evan, ahem.) 3. You are residents of BC.

There are a few more examples they talk about on this website: First Time New Home Buyers' Criteria.

Not only can you get a big chunk of that 5% downpayment taken care of with this new grant, you can also enjoy the fact that you don't need to pay Transfer Tax on a New Home as a First-time Home Buyer.

That can save you an additional $6500 per year in taxes.

With mortgage rates at an incredibly low rate, it is possible to own a one-bedroom apartment at Evan for the same price that you are spending on your downtown crash pad.

Note those two little words: to own.

Now is the time to register for VIP access, simply log on to and click 'VIP access'. You could own a new home for as little as $269,900 per year.

A few benefits of owning at Evan:

1. It's a small community that's big on features.
2. It's close to downtown - no SkyTrain curfew.
3. 9' ceilings. Great if you are used to basement suites.
4. Lots of natural light.
5. Close to Main Street and all of the amenities of the hippest place in Vancouver.
6. Shared artist space - so you can meet and collaborate with other artistic minds on projects.
7. It's probably cheaper than your rent if you live somewhere cool.

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